Board of Directors

The Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) Board of Directors stands clearly in support of black communities and in solidarity with all those who seek racial equality and justice. We recognize those in our nation, and around the world, who are raising their voices in protest. We offer our condolences to all who have been victimized by a deeply flawed system. No words are sufficient. No single sentiment or call to action is enough to set things right, but we assert that things must change. We appreciate the need and importance for greater diversity and inclusiveness in our movement. We listen and look internally, and understand it is time for sincere actions.​

Since January 1981

Dr. Alex Hershaft is President of Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) and a co-founder of both FARM and the U.S. movement for animal rights as a whole. Born in Warsaw, Poland shortly before World War II, Alex survived Nazi persecution and sought refuge in the US, where he held a 30-year career in materials science and environmental consulting and a prominent role in the movement for religious freedom prior to dedicating himself to animals. Alex organized the first Animal Rights National Conferences, World Day for Farmed Animals, Meatout, and a dozen other initiatives – and was inducted to the Animal Rights and Vegetarian Halls of Fame – before turning over daily operations of FARM to focus on leisurely travel, folk dancing, and personal fitness.

Mr. Saurabh Dalal is Treasurer on FARM’s Board of Directors, a longtime Councilor and past Deputy Chair of the International Vegetarian Union, and past President of the Vegetarian Society of DC. He splits his time between the Washington DC and New York City areas and enjoys being involved in strategic planning, education, and greater advocacy of just, sustainable, and healthy vegan diets and lifestyles. He works in various capacities with like-minded non-profit groups for thoughtful, clear, and bold vegan messaging. He holds graduate degrees in physics and engineering, is active in several professional and technical societies, and explores ways of integrating sound science into related areas of advocacy.

Since May 2007

Since April 2017

Mr. Seth Tibbott founded Turtle Island Foods, aka “the Tofurky Company” in 1980 on $2500 savings from his 8 year career as a teacher/naturalist.   For 15 years, Seth pursued his dream while losing his shirt as one of the first tempeh producers in the United States.   In 1995, against the advice of his partners, Seth introduced the first nationally marketed vegan holiday roast named “Tofurky”.  Today Seth oversees international sales to make sure that the sun never sets on the expanding Tofurky Empire and under the sharp management of his stepson, Jaime, the independent/family owned company has become an industry leader in plant based foods and recently opened a $10 million LEED Platinum eco Tofurky processing plant in Hood River, OR.

Dr. Michael Klaper is a vegan physician, health educator, popular public speaker and author of articles and books on vegan medical advice. He advocates rearing children on a plant-based diet throughout their entire lifetimes, beginning with the vegan mother’s pregnancy. He lectures medical students on vegan nutrition. Michael has been a dedicated supporter of FARM since its inception. He resides in California with wife Alese Jones.

Since November 2018